Sobre nosaltres - El nostre esforç és el teu èxit

Som una empresa andorrana independent que disposa de l’acreditació per actuar com a Servei de Prevenció Aliè segons el disposat en la Llei 34/2008 de Seguretat i Salut en el treball en les quatre disciplines existents: Seguretat en el treball - Higiene industrial - Ergonomia i Psicosociologia aplicada - Vigilància de la Salut


Our culture - Balance your passion with your passion for life.

We are a group of like-minded people who share the same core values.

  • Loyalty. Our team has been with us since the beginning because none of them are allowed to have LinkedIn profiles.
  • Trust. We don’t care when our team works just as long as they are working every waking second.
  • Compassion. You never know what someone is going through at home and we make sure to never find out.


  • Leslie Alexander

    Co-Founder / CEO

  • Michael Foster

    Co-Founder / CTO

  • Dries Vincent

    Partner & Business Relations


  • Chelsea Hagon

    Senior Developer

  • Emma Dorsey

    Senior Designer

  • Leonard Krasner

    VP, User Experience

  • Blake Reid

    Junior Copywriter

  • Kathryn Murphy

    VP, Human Resources

  • Whitney Francis

    Content Specialist

  • Jeffrey Webb

    Account Coordinator

  • Benjamin Russel

    Senior Developer

  • Angela Fisher

    Front-end Developer

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Our team of experienced designers and developers has just one thing on their mind; working on your ideas to draw a smile on the face of your users worldwide. From conducting Brand Sprints to UX Design.

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3 Lessons We Learned Going Back to the Office

Earlier this year we made the bold decision to make everyone come back to the office full-time after two years working from a dressing table in the corner of their bedroom.

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    AD600, Sant Julià de Lòria, Andorra
    Tel: +376843168
  • Centre mèdic
    C/ Bonaventura Armengol 10
    AD500, Andorra la Vella, Andorra
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